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I would like to take this opportunity and address you as manager director of BOOM & NAVARRO ASOCIADOS S. L. for a brief presentation of our company where you will find highly specialized professionals that will advise you and guide you in the management of your interests.

Our main fields of activities are the following:

First of all, we provide legal advice; our solicitors are specialists in real estate legislation, contracts, litigation, family law and inheritances, with an international private law approach.

Furthermore, we also provide a comprehensive service of accountancy and fiscal and labour advice, orientated to individuals and companies both residents and non-residents in Spain.

Our third field of activity is the translation and interpretation. It includes both the private or certified translations of documents and also the accompaniment to translate in notaries, courts and other public offices at the client’s request.

Finally we would like to mention our community of owners’ administration services, distinguishing ourselves for paying special attention to the peculiarities of the area.
We also provide additional services: architects, notaries, court representatives and others.